About Us

At GiveMOJO, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions. As a manufacturer of custom-made tyvek paper bags, we use 100% recycled materials to create durable, lightweight, and tear-resistant bags that are perfect for businesses and organizations looking to reduce their environmental impact. Our customizable options allow you to add your own branding and make the bags unique to your business. Whether you're a grocery store, school, boutique, club, foundation, or wedding planner, we are committed to providing the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

There are several benefits to using eco-friendly tyvek customized bags. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Environmental benefits: Tyvek is made from 100% recycled materials, so using these bags can help reduce waste and decrease the demand for virgin materials. This can help protect natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Durability: Tyvek is a strong, lightweight, and tear-resistant material, so these bags are more likely to last for a long time without tearing or falling apart. This means that they can be used multiple times, reducing the overall number of bags that need to be produced and disposed of.

  • Customization: Custom-made tyvek paper bags can be customized with your own branding, logo, and design. This allows you to create a unique, personalized packaging solution that reflects the identity of your business and sets you apart from your competitors.

  • Customer appeal: Eco-friendly packaging is becoming increasingly important to consumers, and many people are willing to pay a premium for products that are packaged in sustainable materials. Using custom-made tyvek paper bags can help demonstrate to your customers that you are committed to sustainability, which can improve their perception of your business and increase customer loyalty.

Located at Shenzhen, China, GiveMOJO was founded in 2016.  We now have three production lines and 6 full time designers. Send us an email if you need more informations.